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Solar Panel Grants

What Solar Panel Grants are Available?


Some local authorities offer domestic solar panel grants which is dependent on your postcode. Further help is available in the form of the Renewable Heat Premium Payment; a solar panel grant, offering a voucher of £300 towards solar installation.


To find out  which solar panel grants are available in your area simply complete the form above.


Another form of solar grant everyone can take advantage of is the Solar Feed-in-Tariff:


In essence the feed-in-tariff is a twist on the more familiar concept of solar panel grants, essentially a collection of grants, available for households who have solar panels installed by MCS accredited Solar Installers.


So what exactly are the Feed-in-Tariffs?


While the concept may initially sound confusing, a quick, simple breakdown discovers how you can get money for generating your own electricity!


There are currently two types of Feed-in-Tariffs which you can take advantage of:


1) Generation Tariff

Your energy supplier will pay you a set rate for each unit (kWh) of electricity you produce. This is currently set at 14.9p per kWh.


2) Export Tariff

You will also get payed for exporting unused electricity back to the National Grid, currently set at 4.64p/kWh. So you can sell any electricity you generate but do not use yourself.


So unlike traditional solar panel grants, you consistently earn money by producing your own electricity.


To summarise the three main financial benefits of the Feed-in-Tariff:


  • A reduction in your electricity bill – Average savings of up to £339 in the first 12 months*
  • Payment for all the electricity you produce.
  • Further bonuses for electricity you export back to the National Grid.

*Based on a 4kwp system on a south facing roof with no shading. Assuming the national average of 15p electricity per unit.

A real breakdown example of the Feed-in-Tariff can be found here
Remember the Feed-in-Tariff rate you receive now is guaranteed for 20 years, regardless of any future reductions.



So are you eligible for the Feed-in-Tariff?


This is quite possibly the most important question you may have. And the simple answer is;



There are certain conditions you should be aware of, for instance you are required to produce less than 5 megawatts. This however is a lot of power! Most domestic systems are 4kwp, so you will not produce 5mw, meaning virtually every property in England, Scotland and Wales is eligible. Your installation MUST also be carried out by MCS accredited solar installers.


More information and answers to solar panel grants queries you may have is available on the FAQ page.


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